World Cup 2018: quarter-final fixtures

England won their first penalty shootout ever in World Cup history against Colombia to reach the quarter-finals

Brazil, England, France, Uruguay, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Croatia
Eight teams left now in the world cup

World cup quarterfinals are here and from now on there are only big teams left the competition.

Uruguay vs France will be a big match and we will have to see if Mbappe can run through Uruguay’s fierce defense like he did to Argentina.

Brazil will face the team which is full in confidence after achieving one of the best comebacks in world cup history.

England will now face a much complete and disciplined team like Sweden.

The host Russia made history when they won the match against Spain on penalties and now they are up against Croatia who also got victories after penalties.

Quarter-final fixtures

Friday, July 6th

France v Uruguay, 3.0, Nizhny Novgorod

Brazil v Belgium, 7.0, Kazan

Saturday, July 7th

Sweden v England, 3.0, Samara

Croatia v Russia, 7.0, Sochi

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