World Cup 2018: Friday June 22 Match Results and Review

Friday was full of drama and action at the world cup 2018, some heartbreaking moments and some victories, Costa Rica got eliminated from the world cup race and Iceland’s chances are also looking bad

Brazil 2-0 Costa Rica

Brazil vs Costa Rica match was full of events, first Brazil scored a goal when they were offside and then they did get the penalty but after the referee went to VAR it was decided that it was not a penalty. Coutinho was once again the savior for the Brazil team and scored a goal in the first minute of stoppage time. After that Brazil strikes again and Neymar got his first goal of the tournament in the 7th minute of the stoppage time. Keylor Navas was really good in the game and saved some good shots.

Neymar Jr celebrates after scoring his first goal in world cup 2018
Neymar Jr celebrates after scoring his first goal in world cup 2018

Brazil vs Costa Rica Match Stats

Brazil Team Stats Costa Rica
22 Shots 3
10 Shots on Target 0
72% Possession 28%
11 Fouls 11
2 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
3 Off Side 3
9 Corners 1


Nigeria 1-0 Iceland

This match was excellent for one team and sheer disappointment for the other. Iceland played well in the game besides that penalty that was missed in the 81st minute of the game. But shout out to Musa, he was magical in the game. His first goal was just genius how he stops the ball with his first touch and then strikes it perfectly. When he scored again in the 75th minute of the game it was over for Iceland who has now lost their first match at a major tournament.

Nigeria vs Iceland match stats

Nigeria Team Stats Iceland
16 Shots 9
4 Shots on Target 3
62% Possession 38%
9 Fouls 10
1 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
1 Off Side 0
6 Corners 5


Serbia 1-2 Switzerland

This was the most thrilling match since the one between Spain and Portugal. Serbia opened the score in the early minutes to take the lead over Switzerland. Switzerland tried but could not get the lead in the first half, after the first half of their game was on another level. Xhaka scored in the 52nd minute of the game and level the score for Switzerland. After the equalizer, nobody thought that Switzerland was gonna score a goal in the 90th minute and win the game but they really did. The goal was scored from Shaqiri.

Serbia vs Switzerland match stats

Serbia Team Stats Switzerland
13 Shots 20
3 Shots on Target 5
37% Possession 63%
17 Fouls 13
4 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
0 Off Side 3
3 Corners 7

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