VAR to be used in FIFA World Cup

The video assistant referee (VAR) is an association football assistant referee that reviews decisions made by the head referee with the use of video footage and a headset for communication. In 2018 VARs were written into the Laws of the Game by the International Football Association Board following trials in a number of major competitions.

video assistant referee (VAR) is being used in multiple leagues around the Europe and is an idea pretty much in progress or at least its implementation is. there is alot of indifferent opinion on video assistant referee (VAR) around the world, while it may be permanent thing in football in near future a lot of things needs to be sorted out as it was visible in the matches where it was used.

Fifa president Gianni Infantino said a decision on whether VAR would be used at the World Cup will be taken at a meeting on 16 March.

“As of today, video assistant refereeing is part of football,” he said.

“We hope and encourage a favourable decision in this respect because we are very positive about VAR.”

One of the concerns over VAR is that those watching are uncertain about what is going on, but Fifa says it is working on a system that will provide information to the “giant screen operators as well as broadcasters and commentators” about the reason and outcome of a review.

“What is our idea (for the World Cup) is that after the final decision is taken by the referee on the pitch we would like to show in the stadium the selected replay that was used by the referee and VAR,” said Johannes Holzmuller, head of Fifa football technology innovation.

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