Top 5 teams likely to win FIFA World Cup 2018

This is year FIFA world cup is going to be very exciting and we are all looking forward to it. Hopefully, it will be up to the expectations and we get to see the amazing football that we know some of the participating teams can play.

All of the usual suspects are heavy favorites to be the winner of this glorious tournament and here we are looking chances of the Top 5 teams likely to win FIFA World Cup 2018

5- Argentina: runners-up of the last world cup have so talented group of players in almost every position and blessed with THE best footballer at the moment MESSI, Every world cup since the turn of the century so much is expected of them because of the talent pool they have but they have not been able to deliver it yet, apart from the last world cup when they came so close but could not get the job done against efficient German team.

This year as well they go in as a favorite and this time they might be able to deliver as a team.

4-Spain: 2010 world cup winners are at the 4th place in our list, as they will look to put the last world cup disappointments behind them. they still have one of the most talented pools of players to choose from and would like to play like they did in 2010.

3- France: with the new influx of players coming into the French team who are playing in top clubs at the moment they are the teams to look forward to this world cup. they were the favorites in 2016 euros but could not get the job done maybe because of lack of experience, but this time they look more complete more experienced and ready to rule the world.

2- Brazil: The most disappointed team in FIFA world cup 2014 was Brazil, losing the way they did to Germany in Semifinal in front of their passionate home crowd was the huge embarrassment to the Brazilian pride and they would like to get things straight in this world cup.

over the last four years, some new players have become part of the team and they also brought energy, dynamism, and belief to the team as well.

1- Germany: Holders of the world cup are our favorites to win the world cup this year again, they have such a talented squad and their efficiency to that they become treat to watch.

with their manager being the same for last few years has given them one dimension in the style they play, no matter who they play they have a certain style of playing the football which makes it easy for the players what they have been asked for and what they are supposed to do.

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