FIFA world cup Information you need to know

FIFA world cup Information you need to know
FIFA world cup Information you need to know

1- Brazil has won the most world cup since its inception last being in 2002 when they defeated Germany in the final. Germany has won the four tournaments winning the last tournament in 2014 in Brazil including annihilation of Brazil in the semi-finals 7-1. Italy has also won four world cups last being in 2006 their infamous win against France.

2- Miroslav Klose from Germany has the most goals in world cups, he scored these goals in four world cups. he wont be going to Russia as a player with the German squad but as a backroom staff member. Brazilian great Ronaldo has 15 goals eight of which came from 2002 world cup. France’s Just Fontaine holds the record for the most goals in a single tournament. He scored 13 in six games in the 1958 tournament.

3- out of the players playing this year world cup another German, Thomas Muller has the most goal 10, 5 each in last two world cups. second on the list is James Rodriguez from Colombia who scored 6 goals all came in last world cup where he won golden boot award. Rafael Marquez, the only defender on the list, is going into his fifth World Cup for Mexico with the same scoring record as Cristiano Ronaldo.

4- The last World Cup was a record low as far as shots per minute since 1966 – the first year football statistics started recorded by Opta. In spite of this, the normal of 2.7 goals in each 2014 version was the most since Spain 1982. There seems to have been a decrease in the quantity of shots from long range. A decent case is comparing the last World Cup final and the first for which Opta has shots information – England’s triumph in 1966.In the 1966 final there were twice as many shots from outside the box than inside, but of the 20 shots in the 2014 final, more were taken from inside the penalty area.

5-  England may not do well in the world cups but premier league representation has been increasing all the time in the world cups. 130 players playing in the world cup are from English clubs, whereas no other country has the over 100 players in the world cup. all players from England squad are from Premier League.

6- Only one German has ever missed from the spot at a World Cup, and they’ve won all four shootouts they’ve been in. Since then they’ve scored 15 in a row in a record dating back to 1982. And in a surprise to no-one, England are the worst team in World Cup penalty shootout history, having lost three without winning any… yet. Italy have also been eliminated in the most cruel way three times, including the 1994 final when star player Roberto Baggio famously blasted the ball over the bar. But their 2006 final win against France probably went some way to repairing Italian feelings about the format.


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